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We are proud to be acknowledged for our efforts to help educate and encourage students globally and locally. 
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Posted on Ms. Leymah Gbowee's facebook page:

My Eleven Year Old Heroine

This past weekend, I was fortunate and blessed to spend some time with Mongai Fankham, the founder of “No Back Pack Day”. Mongai is an eleven-year-old American of Cameroonian descent. She wrote to me about 2 years ago asking that I kindly visit Charlotte, North Carolina to help to raise awareness about her work and to raise funds to support it.

The plans had been in the works for almost two years, and finally I got to meet this awesome young woman. ...Mongai was 9 when she started “No Back Pack Day”, however, she had harbored her desire to raise back packs and school supplies for underprivileged kids in the US and parts of Africa since she was 3 years old. This desire was awakened when she traveled to Cameroon and saw kids carry their books in their arms and plastic bags.

Mongai, for me, represents the good people in our world who have refused to allow themselves to see change as only being possible when powerful people engage. For her, what is important is looking at a situation that is difficult and doing the little that you can to change that situation around. Mongai has raised funds for over 5000 backpacks and her movement has spread beyond Charlotte, North Carolina. I am convinced that there are many more Mongai’s out there looking for ways not just to use their skills and talents but to also serve as role models for others. I believe firmly that making change is not as easy as it looks, but with courage, persistence and tenacity, everyone with an idea to change the world for the better can make an impact. Thanks, Mongai, for allowing me to come into your space and learn from you.

Thanks a million, God bless you. Leymah Gbowee 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Here is a link to the pictures for the event
No BackPack Day joins forces with The Joyce Banda Foundation. Dr. Banda was the former P.resident of Malawi. She was voted by Forbes Magazine as the most powerful woman in Africa for two years running and one of the most powerful women in the world.

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First Lady of Cape Verde Comes to Charlotte to endorse No Back Pack Day