It’s giving time

The time for giving is just around the corner once again and it’s time to check your Christmas list and make your loved ones happy. But what about trying out something new this year? Surely, your generosity from the previous years has gone a long way. But you know what would make random people genuinely happy? When someone shows them that the world is still full of kind people and that kindness will always outweigh our indifference.

Here are the top 25 random acts of kindness for Christmas that’ll certainly put a smile on people’s faces.

1. Buy a homeless person coffee and food.
2. Leave nice comments to random people on social media.
3. Visit a shelter and play board games with senior citizens.
4. Drop off a sack of dog or cat food at an animal shelter.
5. Place a sticky note on someone’s windshield with an inspiring Christmas greeting.
6. Leave an extremely generous tip to a waiter or waitress.
7. Pay for someone else’s tab and surprise him/her.
8. Buy toys for a group of street children.
9. Give a box of donuts and coffee to a police officer.
10. Send some flowers at a local hospital and let the nurses give it to someone who needs it.
11. Help someone load their groceries.
12. Let someone get ahead of you in a queue.
13. Leave gloves and mittens at the park for the homeless.
14. Do volunteer work.
15. Pay for the person’s groceries behind you.
16. Give a random guard a box of cookies.
17. Donate food to a food pantry.
18. Compliment a stranger.
19. Tape a five-dollar bill at your local convenience store.
20. Donate at a random charity online.
21. Give your mailman or gardener cookies.
22. Bring presents to an orphanage.
23. Spend time with an elderly at the mall.
24. Offer to pay someone’s bus fare.
25. Give a stranger a huge “Merry Christmas” smile. Go ahead and let someone know that kindness in humanity still exists. Merry Christmas!