With everything going on in our nation and especially in our local community the last year, the open wounds of devastation, stress and trauma seem to keep re-opening every time I turn around—from politics to random, senseless acts of violence against humanity, our youth, natural disasters and more. Every single time I feel a wound may be starting to slowly heal, I am pelted by a new assault that tears it open, sometimes even more wide than the first one. I know I am not alone. Like so many, I feel helpless against the relentless gauging of my heart and soul with every new event that comes our way.

So, what do we do? We do whatever the next right step is: for some that is getting involved with legislature to change things, volunteering for passionate causes, donating to causes that further our beliefs and make us somehow feel, on some small scale, that those who gave the ultimate sacrifice did not do so in vain. We comfort those in need, offer love, food, shelter, whatever it takes. This is all the “cool water” so necessary on a burning hot wound that desperately needs healing.

But I also suggest that anytime we do a random act of kindness for anyone, this is offering cool water to the entire world in need, and it can start right here in our community.

This weekend, Carpinteria Middle School ASB hosted a bake sale to raise funds so they can host a Winter Dance and Carnival for the school. I had the opportunity to watch this incredible Carpinteria community in action. Countless people stopped to donate money without taking any goods, just to “support” and engage with the leadership team working the table. At the very end, an unknown man came up and asked how much more they needed to sell to make their goal. They told him and the man handed them the exact amount and walked away. No one knew who he was and he wasn’t related to any of them.

Some may say this act of kindness is not related to the cool water so necessary in our world to help heal wounds we are all feeling, and yet I believe this is actually where it starts—in our own community and with each other in the small ways. The next right step. One step at a time. This man’s act reminds me of the incredible goodness in humanity and in our community that is the true nature of who we are. Just a little ray of sunshine beaming down during a storm can feel like a God-send of hope. And I’ll take it. One step/action at a time. In my own community.

Source: Coastalview