Advancing young girls to be global leaders

What a suitable subject for the leaders. Although we are technologically advanced, we have produced a generation of young people who lack the capacity for critical thinking and problem-solving. They were trained to press buttons and use calculators.

As a girl child, my teachers hammered math and reading. They taught reading lessons on topics such as science or social studies. By the way, we did math exercises on the board without a calculator. The girls started against the boys.  Equally important is vocational education, which deserves more attention. The reality is that all children do not go to university. Despite the impulse to direct young people in this direction, it is a wrong movement.African Union Ambassador

Jobs, however, equip young people with valuable skills that require a salary that often goes beyond what a college graduate earns.  In addition to exchanges, managers must align their programs with the business. Shake the creative juices of youth. The untapped potential will be extended to the rich companies. As a country, we escape with what made us great: invent, build, produce.

Back to the basics in the family

On the contrary, families have lost their way. In many cases, blind people guide the blind. As the head of the family, parents benefit when they return to the basics. Well, what are the basic concepts in a family? How about respect, love, discipline, responsibility, faith, and self-control, just to name a few?  Parents educate future leaders. What they put in their youth is what will come to light. Help them to give children the right things (values, sense of responsibility, work ethic, respect for themselves and for others), not just material things that lose value.

Back to basics in religion

It is of the utmost importance that the Church return to the basics. A concerted effort must be made to return to the teachings of Jesus and reach the lost.

Back to basics in the workplace

As mentioned above, the workplace is ideal for the Back to Basics Leadership Training. It will revive people and organizations. Managers have in many cases reduced their standards and expectations. As a result, mediocrity flourished.  The mutual respect of the employees has also stayed on the road. For example, a woman was in her office and a colleague was sending music that was causing disturbances. The first asked his supervisor to ask the person to turn off the music. Instead, the plaintiff’s supervisor told him to close the door.

Go back to basics in government

After all, the government has much to gain when it goes back to basics. Sometimes I think our leaders have lost their way. What happened to teamwork? More time is spent fighting and attacking. We should develop more young leaders programs like the 2019 global women’s rights conference to highlight the achievements of women and young girls.