Summer is over

Today is back to school for me. This summer was really great. I went to Cape Verde on a mission trip where I met some amazing kids. It was a great experience. Most of the time I spent giving out backpacks to some well deserving kids, engaged in conversations with high schoolers about ways we can work together to help those in need. One of the things that struck me while in Cape Verde is the school system. A child is taught sign language at a very young each making it possible for them to communicate with their friends who have language impairment. Another thing I noticed was that the older kids (9th to 12th graders) would go to school from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm while those in elementary school would go to school from 1 pm till about 5 pm.

Back to school shopping

Yesterday I went out shopping for back to school. I am one of those who would wait till the last week before I get all my school supplies. This year, I used the money I made from my summer bake sale to buy my school supplies. I told my mom I would use my money to buy my back to school supplies.

School suppliesback to school

Now I am all set for the next academic year. I am going to the 10th grade, do not know what to expect but in anyway, I am determined to make it a great and exciting school year. There will a lot of school work to do in addition to running the No Backpack day. Happy to be able to get all my school supplies, but as I was going through my stuff making sure I got everything, I could not stop thinking about the millions of children around the world who will be returning back to school with no backpacks. For some, they will have to carry all their books and school supplies in their hands. While for others whose parents can afford it, they will be carrying their books and school supplies in grocery plastic bags.

Developing countriesnobackpackday

Here in the United States, we are blessed to be able to get those plastic bags for free. But in most developing countries these plastic bags are not free.  In most countries in Africa, it is the raining season. So these kids will have to walk in the rain, carrying their books and school supplies in their hands. I can only imagine what would happen to their books when it rains. What I have come to realize that this is not just a problem in Africa. It is problem all over the world. There are some kids at this moment whose parents are thinking of how they would get school backs and school supplies for their children to return to school.

Last year, I was able to provide 3000 backpacks filled with school supplies. My goal for this year will be to donate at least 6000 backpacks filled with school supplies to some well deserving children.