The Girl on a mission: Changing the world one backpack at a time.

How it all began.
I have been asked over and over again about how I started the No BackPack Day project and what are my experiences when I travel to the different countries in Africa. To answer that question, I have decided to write a blog where I will share my story of how it all began, why I am doing what I enjoy doing and my experiences with the many children and adults that I encounter.
I was born in the US by Cameroonian parents. At age three my mother decided to take me on a mission trip with her to Cameroon. At that age, I really did not know where I was going to, all I knew was that I was going along with my mom. After all, she is my mom and I am supposed to be with her. I have heard my mom often say that she took me with her to Cameroon so I could meet my grandparents, aunts, Uncles, and cousins. When we arrived in Cameroon, my aunt had prepared some delicious food, which I refused to eat because I wanted to eat cold water gari. A delicacy that my mother would always give me. My aunt was surprised that I ate cold water gari. We arrived at my grandmothers’ house and she had prepared rice for us. My late great-grandmother whom I am named after was eating a Cameroonian dish called achu., I insisted that I wanted to eat achu with my great grandmother. I had to wash my hands and eat that special meal with her. Again everyone was surprised that I wanted to eat achu. Little did they know that my mom fed me food from Cameroon and not so much the American food. no backpack day

During my trips to Cameroon, we would visit several villages where I would spend time playing and interacting with other children. I loved the times I spend with the children in Cameroon. My mother never cautioned me not to go anywhere because she knew how safe I was. Early in the morning, I would wake up from bed and before my mother knows, I am about five houses down the street playing with other children. The children loved me and I loved them. They were my brothers and sisters. We visited some schools in different villages. As our van approached the schools, the children would come out singing and dancing, we would join them in their singing and dancing and by the end of the day, we will be singing some of those songs in the van on our way back home. We visited a number of orphanages where we also interacted with the children.

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