Domestic violence against men

Personal safety is the fundamental right to life – live without fear of harm or danger to yourself and your family the right, direct and comprehensive. No one has to harm someone insulting or threatening the right, and the victim has the right to file a formal complaint and bring a lawsuit against the abuser.

“Domestic violence is a case of behavior, violence or abuse (physical or emotional) between adults, relationships with each other or between family members had, regardless of sex or sexuality.” Behaviors that are common in violent domestic attacks are physical attacks, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and destruction of property or pets.

” Violence against men and abuse are acts committed in intimate adult relationships. Domestic violence is a deliberate and instrumental behavior intended to respect or monitor the abused party.” Domestic violence against men 

This is one of the most misunderstood crimes in the world and takes place in all sectors of society. Although statistics and analyzes indicate that domestic violence is primarily male violence against women, it is not limited to these circumstances. In some cases, men also abuse their partners.

Domestic violence occurs when the husband is abused by his former spouse or even his or her children. Even if a person harassed, threatened, harassed, beaten, moved or restricted to property; It’s all domestic violence.

The victim of domestic violence should not be married or not.  Attitudes reflected by society contribute significantly to domestic violence. The long-term perception that the wife “the husband’s property is and can do what he likes to have under control” has led to delayed actions in domestic violence cases. Adding to this since it aggravates the situation is the fact that “domestic violence” does not fall under the “police investigation”. Archaic laws, like the “general rule”, existed until recently. All these are the causes and types of domestic violence.