Standing up for Violence against Women

Should any person and the society at large stand up against women violence? This write- up will give impeccable tips that can certainly prove vital when fighting the war against women violence. It is undoubtedly a fact when we conclude that what men can do, women can as well do. However, most men in different parts of the world underrate women and often associate them with violence as well as other forms of discrimination. This is mainly due to the fact that they believe women are a weaker sex. That is not good or recommended at all.   As a man, in case you’re engaged and you happen to find yourself in a disagreement with your woman, there are suitable measures you can partake to settle your issue. One of the most appropriate ways of sorting out any form of an issue is seeking for the advice of a counselor.

Based on fact-finding, most women are being harassed and even being interconnected with some factors that can be life-threatening like sexual assault in both public and private areas for no apparent reason. Men should realize that they cannot thrive on their own without women in this world. It is therefore ideal that people, the government and the entire community join and support the fight against women discrimination. Here are several tricks which should be applied to significantly eliminate women violence in our societies.

How to Stop Women Violenceoct domestic violence month

Inputting Hefty Penalties for People

Discriminating Women  It is ideal for the government to come up with rules that will see people harassing not only their ladies but also other women being punished severely. For instance, once a person causes a woman to undergo any form of pain courtesy of violence, the individual should be charged in court and pay a hefty fine or serve a jail sentence, or both.

Supporting Women Groups

Nowadays, there are legit women groups or movements that are spreading the news about why women discrimination issues should be taken seriously by the government and community at large. For instance, MeToo is a movement that aims to demonstrate the universal of sexual harassment and assault, particularly in the workplace.    These groups should be funded and provided any relevant support so that they can feel appreciated and continue fighting the war of violence against women.

Educating the Younger Generation

why Violence of any Kind is not Right  Schools should also develop a tendency of teaching pupils while they are still young why it is essential for human beings regardless of their sex i.e. whether male or female to always live in love, harmony, and peace.  This can make both genders to always appreciate each other in the society and prevent them from engaging in the future from any form of discrimination.

Speaking Out

Inaction and silence will let such violence continue. As a woman, once you undergo domestic violence, keeping quiet and letting it slowly kill you inside is not advisable. It is important you approach your close relative, buddy or any reliable counselor in your area for advice once you encounter any kind of violence not only in your home or workplace but also in any other places.

Bottom Line

To end violence against women, we must stand up, join efforts, speak out as well as act accordingly.