Back To School

The summer holidays are always a fun time to relax and wind up after a long and tedious academic session for students from all over the country. From summer vacations to out of town road trips, people always come up with innovative ways to spend their long summer holidays. But as we all know, all good things must come to an end and summer holidays are no different.   Summer holidays tend to go by fast and students realize soon that they have to go back to school.

The resumption of school after the summer break is always a bittersweet experience. Most students are usually happy to reunite with their friends and social circle members after a being apart for quite some time. For those who are dating, and had to be apart, this is a very joyous moment as endless strings of calls and texts finally get to stop, as they can now see each other at school. This is also the time whereby bookshops and supermarkets are usually jam-packed with parents and students alike, who are shopping for academic items required for the new academic session that is about to start. Teachers are usually all smiles as they had adequate relaxation amounts during the summer break and return with zeal and drive to teach the kids.

Kids going to school for the first timeback to school

However, the start of school after a summer break has its horrors. For instance, this is a time whereby parents send their kids for the first time to school. This is the time where one will notice mother’s crying as their children join school for the first time and as they watch their kids cry as they enter school premises. In addition, if their child is joining a new school, parents will often have worries about how their child will fit and adjust to the new school. Consequently, most parents will be concerned about whether their child might get bullied, or might be alone in the new school.

School is back in session

The school reopening also exerts some levels of stress on students, as they will need to rewire their minds to be in sync with their school routines. This can prove to be a hard undertaking during the first few weeks, as summer hangovers will still be alive. Moreover, many children will experience jitters in achieving the goals and objectives that they failed during the previous academic period. Summer breaks are usually a much needed time for everyone from parents, teachers, and students, to take a breather and reset their minds from their daily routines. It enables one to acquire essential relaxation activities as they prepare for the future academic session. School reopening has its perks and disadvantages. However, students, parents, and teachers will always find ways to adapt and get on board with the new school sessions