Going back to school

First of all, high school has pretty much been a drag since the beginning of time. I’m an adult and hated it. Very often the teaching is boring, and it’s easy to think, what’s the point? However, it is something you need and you’ll see that further down the road, no matter how annoying it is right now.adult education

A friend of my daughter’s dropped out. He’s 25, and older than she is by about four years but told her it was the worst decision he ever made. He can’t get any sort of even remotely decent-paying job. He did get a GED but is still at the total bottom rung. Plus, he sees his friends around him off at college or moving forward in a career and he’s stuck.

Community College

I’m trying to convince him to go to a community college and he wants to, but I think he feels that he is too old (he isn’t). The point is being 16 or 17 and thinking you have it sussed, or know what you can do without something is usually never truly accurate.

You need to find a way to finish. High school is temporary, so don’t let it overwhelm you. Senior year is always easier.  Since you seem extremely depressed, I urge you to reach out to someone for guidance, possibly medication (although I’m not a big fan of medication). I cannot stress enough that teens think some unbearable situation is forever, or have the attitude that they’ve reached a dead end, but the reality is high school is the equivalent of the blink of an eye.

Once you’ve graduated, you will see the world open up for you in so many ways. But you need to graduate, it will eat away at you later, emotionally and economically. Don’t focus so much on the day to day. Perhaps start thinking about your plans after you graduate and consider the high school part just an inconvenient annoyance.

Source: Quora