About Award Winning Mongai Fankam.

Mongai Fankam is an award-winning Cameroonian American college student who is an activist and entrepreneur. Mongai has met with some World-renowned leaders in line with her education advocacy work. She has shared the stage with Dr. Joyce Banda former President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr. Ameenah Gurib Fakim, the former President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mrs. Leymah Gbowee 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mrs. Ligia Fonseca, First Lady of the Republic of Cape Verde, Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa the former first lady of Zambia, Mrs. Jennifer Roberts former Mayor of Charlotte, and host of others. She has met with the former Prime Minister of Cameroon, His Excellency Mr. Yang Philemon. Mongai was invited to the US Senate to meet with Senator Chris Coons. In June 2018, Mongai was invited on an official visit to Cape Verde by the First Lady of Cape Verde. During this visit she met with President Fonseca and the US Ambassador to the Cape Verde. In the summer of 2022, Mongai was invited to Angola and Namibia by the First ladies of these countries, H.E Mrs. Ana Dias Lourenço and H.E Mrs. Monica Geingos respectively.  She was also invited to Zambia by the former First lady Maureen Mwanawasa. During this trip she distributed backpacks to some well deserving children

At the tender age of 3, Mongai’s mother began taking her on mission trips to Cameroon, Africa. As Mongai got older, she realized that most of the children in rural areas of Cameroon had to walk miles to school and had no backpacks to carry their supplies in. Mongai decided to act, so she shared her concern with her teacher. Mongai wanted her schoolmates at Blythe Elementary School to donate backpacks and school supplies for the children of Cameroon on the condition that the kids come to school for a day without their backpacks! They would have to carry all their supplies and books in hand or in plastic bags just as the Cameroon children do every day. The principal at Blythe Elementary, staff and entire student body rallied their support for the cause and designated it as “No Backpack Day”! Since 2012, close to 40 schools in Charlotte have also joined in on “No Backpack Day” and more than 50000 backpacks with supplies have been given to the children of Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Togo, Toronto, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and locally in North Carolina. Mongai hopes that “No Backpack Day” will continue to spread to more schools so eventually no child will have to go to school carrying their books in plastic bags or in hand.  Mongai recently launched her T-shirt line “Moh-tivity” fashions. Part of the proceeds from the T. Shirt is used to support No Backpack Day initiatives and other causes dear to her heart.

 Now a college student, Mongai continues to be a quiet and powerful inspiration to millions around the world. She is developing into a true global community leader.


What is No Backpack Day?

No BackPack Day is a day that Kids in the US goes to school without their backpacks, carrying all their books and school supplies in their hands or in plastic bags so as to raise awareness for the millions of kids around the world who have to walk miles to school carrying their books and school supplies in their hands or in plastic bags because they cannot afford a backpack.


Awards and Achievements

-Mongai met with Senator Chris Coons of Delaware on May 8th, 2014 in Washington, DC. Senator Coons, who serves as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on African Affairs. Senator Chris Coons в Twitter: „Met the incredible Mongai Fankam today. Doing heartwarming work helping underprivileged kids. 

-On May 13th, 2014, Mongai was recognized by the Mecklenburg County Board of Education.

– On May 14th, 2014, Mongai was recognized by President George H.W Bush Point of light Founder for her No Backpack day initiative. Mongai Fankam – Points of Light
-Mongai was honored on September 13, 2014, as “The 2014 Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation Humanitarian Award Recipient”.

-2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Mrs. Leymah Gbowee came to Charlotte on March 20th, 2015 to support and endorse Mongai. 

-Mongai was featured in the 2014 June Edition of the Lake Norman Women Magazine as an amazing girl.

-September 2015, Mongai met with Dr. Joyce Banda, former President of the Republic of Malawi.

-On March 14th, 2016, Mongai received an award from 104.7FM as a kid who rocks.

– On January 27th 2017, Mongai was invited to the Woodrow Wilson Center for Global Citizenship in Washington DC by President Joyce Banda. Mongai and President Joyce Banda were part of a panel discussion to talk about the importance of advancing young girls to be global leaders.

-On March 8th 2017, Mongai and Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts were Keynote speakers at the Charlotte International Women’s day event.

-On March 31st 2017, Her Excellency Ligia Fonseca, the First Lady of the Republic of Cape Verde came to Charlotte NC to endorse and support Mongai’s No Backpack day initiative. Meet Mongai Fankham, an AMAZING 13-Year-Old Philanthropist | Barbara Mckay

-April 2018, Mongai welcomes Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa , former First Lady of Zambia to Charlotte.

-June 2018, Mongai leaves for an official visit to Cape Verde. She was invited by the First Lady of Cape Verde.

-April 2019, Mongai welcomes H.E Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, former President of the Republic of Mauritius to Charlotte NC.

– March 2019 Mongai is recognized as an everyday Hero. 

September 2019, Mongai met with the First ladies of Angola and Namibia during the United Nations general Assembly in New York. 

-2021 WSOCTV, Charlotte Honors Mongai as a High School senior following in the steps of Dr. ML King 

-2021 Charlotte Mayor Mentee of the Year 

-2021 Dean list 20 under 20 

-2021 “the Great 28” who are shaping black charlotte included in this list is the legendary Michael Jordan. Mongai is the youngest of the 28. 

June 2022, Mongai is invited to Angola by the First Lady Mrs. Ana Lorenco.

July 2022 Mongai travels to Namibia and meets the First Lady Mrs. Monica Geingos.

July 2022, Mongai is invited to Zambia by the former First Lady Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa.

Mongai continues to positively impact children who are in need. She is developing into a true global community leader. We have to give her a shout-out because she’s a stand-out!!