Random acts of Kindness for Kids.

An act of kindness is a two-way thing; it makes your heart and the recipient’s kind act to be warm. Many times the one act of kindness leads to another then to another until kindness gain momentum, creating a big wave of those who do good.one should feel inspired to be a part of the wave.

For kids it is upon the parents and adults to teach them some these random acts of kindness, as they grow in them.

Some of the acts of kindness for kids are;

  1. Help your kids to write a thank you letter for their teachers. Gone are the days for showing appreciation for a teacher with a gift. Send your kid off to school with a written thank you note and some special gifts for the work they’re doing. Such simple act of kindness will last for a long time, in brightening the teacher’s day at work and also it will make the classroom environment smooth, your kids will come home in high motivation and spirit and will also bound the parents.
  2. Teach them to smile and say Hello always. Kids give sincerely smile and that’s the simplest way of improving your life, the kids and everyone around them. When parents do the same they also feel motivated. Help them learn to greet people they interact with, and even compliments if necessary. A simple smile and a kind word have great effects on people’s lives.
  3. Play with kids. Create some playing time with the kids and let them win the play.it keeps the motivated daily.
  4. Buy inexpensive gifts and food for homeless kids. This will help them to know that they’re being cared for and loved. They don’t have to be gloomy and discouraged in their lives.
  5. Teach the kids to be responsible For example, when they see a trash by the roadside they pick it and throw it in the bin. When you know of a neighbor going through a financial situation, cook some meal send the kid to deliver it to them. From there he/she would have learned something. Train the kids the act of giving, because it is also a random act of kindness. Giving is a lifestyle and the kids must grow with it. One life to give.