A happy wife a happy life!

There’s normally a deeper meaning to this but people would just brush it off as easily as they would say it, but it’s very important that this very special person does get the very best from you. Appreciating your wife once a while can be very rewarding because that would definitely mean you care and she will notice your efforts from the random act of kindness you will be showing her.random acts of kindness

These are just but a few of the ways you could always enhance a random act in kindness for a wife;
1. Does your wife have a hard time that she would go the mile just to get it done, say attend school meetings for the children having to always inconveniently ask permission out of work to do that while you possibly can do that with no problem…well surprise her and offer to do it instead.
2. Pick her favorite flower when coming back home. Appreciate her beauty, this will show you still think about her and still have it in you.
3. Open the car door, Pull the seat for her when out having dinner make her feel like she did when you first started courting her now she’s yours the more reason to do it often!
4. Avoid being too strict with her, being polite helps a lot she is your better half when upset avoid using harsh words that would define her rather be soft about it whether you are around people or not this would show you respect her and with that submission is your reward guaranteed.
5. Be keen; always listen to your wife and understand her, it is hard to put aside our needs to listen to another but be humble enough when they need that listening ear and focus on your wife it is an immense act of kindness and with that understanding it will help you attend to your wife’s needs even when you are not up to it.


If you show this random acts of kindness for the wife, you are assured of a happy life and indeed she will do everything possible to make certain your needs are met without having to put up a fight. Men tend to take this with little or no regard at all but it’s a sure way for having a happy home.