Every friend is once a stranger

Everyone is a stranger until you got to know each other. Every friend is once a stranger. In this world, we are all connected to each other in various ways. Survival of the whole world is to work for each other.

In daily routine, a person interacts with many people, few among them are known to you. Rest of the people are strangers, and we don’t pay any heed to them. Helping a stranger can increase your friend circle. Additionally, inner satisfaction can boost up the man to help more and more strangers.

There are so many random acts of kindness which a man can do for a stranger. Pay for the person behind you In the grocery shop, ticket booking stall or toll plaza, it is the best way to greet any stranger. At all of these instances, you can pay for them and let them know about you. People care much about these random acts of kindness.random acts of kindness restaurant

You can also pay for someone eating with the fiancé in a restaurant. Many more ideas of kindness can stir into mind if you want to spend some bucks. Complimenting someone Strangers can also be treated with kindness via complementing them. Little words of a compliment can change the stranger’s whole day mood.

Give more than the usual tip to waiters and ask them that you loved their services. Complimenting work of fellow employee or studies of fellow student can give you a kind-hearted friend. Also, do bring some chocolates for them. Solving strangers problems.

You can do a lot of stuff for a new person in the town. You can give him a good parking spot. Referring him to apply for new jobs. Suggesting the best restaurant in town, or the best place to visit. Holding elevators door if you have some space, is a most wanting act. Give your seat in the bus to someone aged or even without a reason. If you see someone in hurry, give him your cab and hail a new one.

Other Random ideas If you have some good intentions, ideas will float itself. Help someone taking a photo, bring some gifts for flight attendants, order dessert for the adjacent table in the restaurant and many more. Infinite ideas can be thrown, depending upon the situation. Be kind to the world, and let the world be kind in return.