Acts of Kindness

You are amazing!’ this is a response from someone you have made an impact to through simple acts of kindness. You can simply be a hero or heroine by showing kindness to anyone. You simply make someone’s day by the good deeds of kindness.

Following are unique and simple acts of kindness that I have not found them elsewhere.

1 Get some five minutes to send postcards to the sick people battling with chronic diseases for they are more than willing to receive a mail.

  1. On father’s day or Mother’s Day, remember an orphan who probably is not seen the sense of that holiday and check in with him. He will be more than happy.
  2. If you know of someone who is held up by something, maybe always on a tight working schedule, or has delivered a baby, her if you can pick something up for her when you are going to the store.
  3. Always be a donor. Got some cash left at the store, give them to charity. The small you give makes a big impact that even if you used the money, the impact is not similar.
  4. When it is hot outside, offer some cold Gatorades to your mail carrier, garbage men and police. Do the vice-versa during winter and it is freezing.
  5. Offer some shopping to the homeless guys. They are so happy and they always share whatever they have. This means that giving them creates a big impact on them all.
  6. Thank everyone who has made a difference in your life starting with the officers, soldiers, teachers, and firefighters to name a few.
  7. When you are free, visit the old people you know. You can do those tasks that are mostly hard for old people like mowing their compound.
  8. Offer your extra umbrella during rains. There is someone who needs an umbrella more than you do when it rains. Example a nursing mother. You can try keeping two umbrellas to save search situations.
  9. Be empathic. Be a good listener who listens to the end. People are not always after your opinions, they just need to be heard. We often ignore how important it is to be heard.