Random acts

November is random acts of kindness month. What do I have to worry about other than doing well in school, finding time to have fun with my friends and loved ones?  To be honest some days this is not how I feel. The past two weeks have been awful and somedays I wish I could rewind time back to my elementary school years. For at least sixty minutes every night these past two weeks during dinner, my heart would race and I would feel like the world was coming to an end.   Why? Well in our house there is a tradition that for us to watch World news tonight at 6:30 pm. The news has been so depressing because of the events going in around us. First, there were the bomb threats sent to top-ranking officials and then the shooting in Pittsburg and then the recent school shooting in Charlotte NC. This frightening world fills my thoughts and I begin to wonder how we the youths of today would ever be safe in a world where such horrible things happen.

Gratitude and kindness

The truth is that the world is random and good and bad things happen every day. Sometimes, it is hard for us to be grateful when all we hear is the chaos going on around the world. One cannot just stay home out of fear of the world. In spite of all the sad news going on around, we would have to find the joy of gratitude with each moment of our day

This month, I will be focusing my writing on the themes of gratitude and kindness.

Starting Monday, Nov. 5th, I invite you to a time I am calling “A Season of Gratitude.” I invite you to recognize those things, people and places that remind you of the everyday moments of gratitude. I will recognize some amazing people who do extraordinary work to make the world a better place for others.  I will like to hear from you about your moments of gratitude. My hope is that this practice will help us to pause, reflect and create an attitude of gratitude.