A heart full of love is what gives a person the ability to interact with true random acts of kindness. Authentic kindness transcends empathy and is an active desire to eradicate the suffering of others. Its true essence is love and compassion.

Disinterestedness is at the center of this kind of kindness. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we want to end the suffering of others and help them live happily,

Kindness suggestions are a much deeper experience because they come from a divine source within us that transcends humanity and strives to be a vessel of compassion for others. Authentic kindness represents pure love, devoid of judgments, criticism, jealousy, aggression, greed and ego.

Self-consciousness and sincere kindness cannot coexist, because the ego is the basis of duality, which makes it feel separate from God, and from this belief system, compassion cannot grow.

The dichotomy is the reason why it is so important to give up the strength of the ego, first for your own good and then for the good of everything around you. True goodness cannot exist in the lower levels of consciousness because these levels are full of fear, ego, selfishness, anger, jealousy and drama. Good tendencies develop naturally when higher states of consciousness are reached, marked by love, peace, joy, compassion, mental equality, empathy and serenity.

Each drop of good that we give is multiplied in the ocean of goodness in which the depth is unlimited. The goodness of the interior transforms us into faithful tools of the true mediators of God’s change in our world. We radiate joy and see unlimited possibilities of giving love to others. In this enthusiastic feeling of the outpouring of love comes inner peace and peace. Our goal here is not to lead a life without suffering, because suffering is part of the human condition, but to console those who suffer for it.