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One day I reflected on my life as a philanthropist and the ways that I was helping kids around the world. I said to myself instead of spending time feeling sorry for myself, and worrying about what others say about me, I will have to stay positive and not let any of these bother me. I refused to let these kids control my like. . I thought about words that would lift my spirit up. Often I will tell myself I have to be BRAVE and stand for myself. I reminded myself that I am a BIG and BRAVE GIRL. Then I decided to come up with positive acronyms for the words BIG, BRAVE and GIRL. Read more on the motivation behind Moh-tivity

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During my trip to South Africa, I was able to spend time with some young girls who were facing a lot of life challenges. As I listened to them share their story, my hearts went out to them. These are girls who are brave and have big dreams… Read more

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