Stop domestic violence

First Know The Signs

  • Alienating you from your friends and family o  Having you account for your time wherever and whoever you are with
  • slapping, Hitting, shoving and punching
  •   Making you seek permission to do something
  • Making calls all the time to make ensure you are home
  • Breaking things in the home or punching holes in the walls
  • Making threats against you or the children
  • Feeling tension when that person is coming home

Steps To Take:

  • Seek counseling for the whole family
  • Have someone come and stay with you that can diffuse the situation, not someone who will make it worse
  • Set up intervention in a safe and neutral place
  • Call 911 if you or the children are hurt
  • Remove yourself and your children from the situation by going to a friend, family or safe house
  • Never confront the person alone, this is how many women get seriously injured or killed
  • Never keep silent about the abuse

Domestic violence has no place in our society and is not to be tolerated. Breaking the cycle is the only way to keep your children from repeating the cycle. Your kids will grow up to be either abusive or live in abusive relationships. You must stand firm on breaking the cycle, you can not waver by going back and forth thinking the person will change.  The only way to end it if the person will not agree to counsel and making an effort to change is to leave. There are many options available. You can go to a friend or family member or a safe house.  Do not let it get to the point where you are seriously injured, get out early.   Along these lines, rest assured to overcome domestic violence.