The Senator from Delaware

“The hearings are going to begin on Sept. 4, and I concluded that if I’m going to be ready to do my job, I needed to sit down with Judge Kavanaugh yesterday no matter how much I might object to the idea of our moving forward at this time without all the docs we should have,” Coons said.

In May 2014, I was invited to the US Senate by Senator Christopher Coons of Delaware to talk about the No Backpack Day initiative. Senator Coons chairs the foreign relations committee of Africa in the Senate. I remember that day like it was yesterday. When we arrived the Senate building we had to go through security before going to Senator’s Coons office. When we arrived at his office, we were warmly greeted by his staff. Senator Coons was at a meeting, so one of his staff gave us a guided tour of the building. What a historical building. I learned a lot about our history at the place. It was interesting.nobackpackday

Meeting the Senator

After touring the building, it was time to meet with Senator Coons. One thing that I always do before meeting with someone is to do research about the person. From my research on Senator Coons, I learned that he has a passion for Africa. This can be seen through his annual fall conference “Opportunity: Africa” which brings business and nonprofit leaders from around the world to promote investment between the US and Africa. While in college, Senator Coons spent a semester at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. In the late 80s, he worked with the South Africa Council of churches in the anti-apartheid movement. During my visit with him, we talked about the kidnapping of the Chimbock girls by Boko Haram. You could see the worriedness and frustration in his face as he talked about this crisis.

The Senator applauds nobackpackday

Senator Coons applauded me for taking the initiative to raise awareness about children who do not have backpacks. We talked about my goals and dreams and he encouraged me to continue to follow my dreams and help in making the world a better place.

I have continued to read about Senator Coons and his passion for Africa. He ensures that health programs, food aid, economic development, and security assistance effectively reach those who need it most. He has worked hard to improve preventable maternal and child deaths as well as promote human rights across the continent. This was a great trip. When I arrived home in NC, I was happy to see that Senator Coons had twitted about me. It is my desire to have another visit with Senator Coons and possibly be an Intern at his office to learn more about diplomacy.