It’s a twist on your typical holiday market: at the Young Entrepreneurs Pocket Money Market held on Sunday in Kelowna, all the the vendors were children or young teens.

young entrepreneurs

This is the third year for the market, limited to vendors between the ages of five and 15.

“The children have to create their own goods. We encourage the children to be inspired, so [that includes] Christmas crafts, Christmas gifts [and] Christmas eats,” explained organizer Philippa Douglas.

Along with helping the kids make some money, it also allows them to learn a bit about business.

Not only do the kids produce their own items, they also price and sell them.

That means creating spreadsheets with supply costs and labour values to figure out profit margins.

As the kids make a bit of money, you might wonder what they are planning to spend it on.

As it turns out, giving a portion to charity is a popular idea, as is saving up for college.

Source: Global News