Young adults, game changers.

Young adults, game changers, youth, teen  In today’s world, bringing about positive change and prosperity is not an easy task. Especially at an age when your finances and avenues are limited and distractions are all around you. It’s no secret that young children have very creative minds and look at the world with the kind of curiosity that an adult wouldn’t.

Children also have the softest and biggest hearts. The generosity and kindness of these young adults or teens combined with their amazing and innovative ideas is a recipe for positive change in the world. Today we see everywhere that our youth is trying to help the less fortunate in any way they can and they are definitely the game changers in the modern world. From their innovative ideas will sprout a future where positivity and kind hardheartedness will be the norm and those in need of help won’t be left behind.

Making positive changegame changers

There are many examples of youth all around us who are making a positive change and improving the lives of others. Young adults like Hailey Fort who is building homeless shelters herself, Alanna Wall who is using nail polish and glitter to brighten up the day of sick children in hospitals and treatment centers, Elif Bligin who is on a mission to reduce petroleum-based pollution from the world by turning banana peels into plastic, Boyan Slat who came up with a process to clean up our oceans and remove plastic from them easily and efficiently, and many more like them who are taking small steps one at a time and bringing about a positive change in people’s lives as well as in the world around them.

Empathy and kindness

To make such kind of positivity and kindness a norm in this world, we need to teach our youth valuable lessons about empathy, kindness, and responsibility. The age-old saying of charity begins at home’ can go a long way in teaching these young adults some very important lessons and instill in them a sense of responsibility and helping those who are in need.